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Gentle Ear Healing Gel 8oz

Gentle Ear Healing Gel 8oz


"Gentle Ear Holistic Healing Gel" replaces synthetic, chemical-based ear medications with the gentle, healing power of Honest Aromatherapy. This "Gentle Gel" contains a paraben-free, vitamin E & Aloe gel base, infused with 100%, Pure, therapeutic-class Essential Oils. Plain, Pure, and simple,,, the way nature intended!! Contains natural antifungal and antibacterial properties that help to combat yeast, mites, and other ear problems. Helps to regenerate healthy skin tissue & coat growth. And, provides a "PLANT BASED BARRIER" against environmental assualts. Never leaves a greasy, residue on the coat. Eliminates "Self inflicted injuries" caused by harsh, chemical-based products. Is also a wonderful AFTER SHAVE GEL for post clipping of poodle faces & feet. Formulated by professional. holistic, pet groomers,,, for the love of dogs.

  • Directions for use

    For extremely compromised ears,, we suggest applying a couple of drops of "Gentle Ear healing Gel" into the ear canal, gently rubbing the external canal to distribute. apply 1-2 times per day using the above directions WITHOUT CLEANING THE EARS for a couple of days. We suggest this to help in "re-conditioning" the canine who has had negative experiences with chemical-based, ear medications. this will also allow the "Gentle Ear Gel" to begin to soothe irritated/inflamed ears, and help to regenrate healthy skin tissue, setting your canine up to better receive the gentle cleansing. to use as a cleanser, apply to the ear canal, gently rubbing the external ear to propery dirtibute & whipe ear of debris. MOST IMPORTANTLY,,, to ALWAYS RE-APPLY AND LEAVE IN THE EAR!!! THIS WILL OFFER CONTINUIS, HEALING, ALONG WITH PROVIDING A PLANT BASED BARRIER OF PROTECTION FROM ENVIRONMENTAL ASSUALTS! Safe & gentle for daily use. We suggest applying daily to maintain healthy & happy ears! For the Love of dogs.

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