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GentleHealing Ear Wash 8oz

GentleHealing Ear Wash 8oz


"Gentle Ear" Holistic Healing Wash  replaces synthetic, chemical,  ear cleaners with the healing power of Honest Aromatherapy! Contains a catalyst altered water (contains natural drying ingredients), and a vitamin E & Aloe gel infused with 100%, Pure, Therapeutic-class essentials oils... Pure & simple,,,, the way Nature intended!!!"Gentle Ear WASH" is a gentle, and, ALCOHOL-FREE formula that offers antifungal and anti bacterial properties that never add insult to injury on delicate, compromised ears. Always shake well before use to insure proper potency. for extremely compromized ears, we suggest our "Gentle Ear Healing GEL". Created by professional, holistic, pet groomers, for the love of dogs.

  • Directions

    For ultimate use, shake well before each use. Apply to a cotton ball and gently whipe debris from ears. extremely effective in removing greasy residue buildup without the worry of applying harsh, chemical-based ingredients. Safe and gentle for everyday use.

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