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Misty Eyes 8oz

Misty Eyes 8oz


Excellent for environmental allergies and for the gentle removal of excessive eye debris.

  • A soothing, eye and facial mist that offers safe, yet rapid relief for dry, irritated, eyes.
  • MISTY EYES offers a non-assaulting alternative for cleansing the faces and folds of short muzzled breeds of dogs and cats.
  •  Contains only a special, catalyst altered water (pure & simple) that offers natural drying agents that help aid in reducing and eliminating fungal/yeast between the skin folds.
  • Never leaves a greasy/oily residue build up that can attract unwanted air pollutants and debris to areas of concern.
  • Extremely gentle to minor cuts and skin irritations.
  • Cooling and soothing to extremely inflamed, irritated ears.
  • Helps in maintaining natural coat hydration for both dogs and cats.
  • Purrrfectly safe for fur babies to lick/ingest. 
  • Safe and gentle to use as often as desired.



  • Application


    REMEMBER,,,,, washing your pets eyes with regular tap water can cause additional irritation to sensitive eyes as tap water can contain metals, contaminates, and many harmful chemicals that are not beneficial to your pets healing. "Misty Eyes" eliminates this concern.

    • EYES - environmental allergies - apply to the eyes 2-3 times per day. safe & gentle for use as often as desired.
    • Dry, irritated eyes - apply to the eyes 2-3 times per day. Safe & gentle for use as often as desired.
    • Removal of caked on eye debris - apply Misty Eyes (generously soaking the area will help to loosen debris) and GENTLY begin to loosen and remove debris. Please note that if excessive, caked on debris is present, there is usually underlying sensitivity so this initial process may take several applications to completely remove. 
    • Once debris has been removed, re-apply to begin soothing the underlying skin. 
    • FACE - We suggest applying Misty Eyes to a Qtip and gently rolling the Qtip between the folds of the muzzle to remove dirt and debris. Important to re-apply after cleansing for additional protection from fungal/ yeast buildup. Safe & gentle for use as often as desired.
    • EARS  - Misty Eyes is the gentlest method to begin offering soothing, relief to extremely inflammed ears for both dogs & cats. Eliminates "self-inflicted" injuries, due to excessive itching/scratching caused from synthetic, chemical based products. For severely inflamed ears, apply Misty Eyes to a cotton ball and GENTLY apply to affected ear(s). Or, simply mist onto the ear(s).
    • SKIN - for minor cuts and skin irritaions - apply directly onto affected area. Purrfectly safe should you dog/cat lick or ingest. Gentle to apply as often as desired.
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