Gentle Ear Holistic Healing Gel 8oz

Gentle Ear Holistic Healing Gel 8oz


"Gentle Ear" Healing gel replaces chemical-based ear medications with Natures Healing Power of Honest Aromatherapy! Contains a paraben-free, vitamin E & Aloe gel base, infused with 100%, Pure, Therapeutic-class Essential Oils,,,, Pure, Plain, and simple,, the way Nature Intended!! This essential oils blend helps to combat yeast, mites, and environmental irritations. Contains natural, antifungal & antibacterial properties that help to soothe and heal delicate ear membranes. Helps to regenerate healthy skin tissue and coat growth, and never leaves a greasy, residue build up on the coat. Eliminates "Self Inflicted Injuries" due from exessive scratching caused by synthetic, chemical-based products. Provides a "PLANT-BASED-BARRIER" of environmental protection when applied daily. Also, a perfect, AFTER SHAVE GEL FOR POST CLIPPING OF POODLE FACES & FEET! Created by professional. holistic pet groomers, for the love of digs.

  • Directions for use

    For extremely compromised ears, we suggest applying a couple of drops of "Gentle Ear" into the ear canal, gently rubbing the external ear for proper distribution, leaving the gel to dry. This will begin to help soothing delicate, ear membranes along with providing a "PLANT BASED BARRIER" of protection against environmental  irritations. Contains a paraben-free, vitamin E and Aloe gel base, infused with 100% pure, therapeutic-class, essential oils,,, pure and simple, the way nature intended!! For cleansing of compromised ears, apply a few drops of "Gentle Ear" to the ear canal, gently rubbung external canal to distribute properly. Then, whipe clean with a cotton ball. The gell & essential oils pull debris from the walls of the ear canal to help in gently removing dirt. MOST IMPORTANTLY,,,, to always re-apply a couple of drops and leave to dry. This will help to further aid in the soothing & healing of ear issues, along with helping to regenerated healthy skin tissue & coat growth, and, to provide a plant based barrier of protection. For post clipping of poodle faces/feet, aplly a drop or two, rub into theskin and leave to dry. Never leaves a greasy residue. Safe & gentle for daily use.

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