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Tranquility Puppy Shampoo 8 ounce

Tranquility Puppy Shampoo 8 ounce


Tranquility Puppy Shampoo contains only pure, therapeutic class lavender. The gentlest of all essential oils.

The many medicinal benefits offer delicate cleansing that is extremely gentle to the skin and calming to the senses at the same time! Making it the perfect formula for introducing puppies to the bathing process.

Also very relaxing and beneficial to elderly dogs.

Tranquility is alcohol free and contains NO synthetic colors dyes or fragrances that can be assaulting on new and delicate skin.




To help induce a positive bathing experience, make sure water temperatures is gently warming to the skin. wet puppy thoroughly and massage tranquilityinto the coat and skin. After rinsing well, wrap pup in a gently warmed towel for drying warm and relaxation.



Tearless, sulfate free, hypo allergenic shampoo base infused with the pure essential oil of lavender and a catalyst aktered water


For everyday relaxation try Tranqulity Holistic Healing Spray

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