Zen Kitty Lavender Hydrosol Healing Shampoo 16oz.


Zen Kitty is a TRUE Holistic Feline Shampoo that contains the gentle, healing properties of pure, organic & therapuetic class Lavender Hydrosols. These highly diluted hydrosols are extremely gentle to the skin, as well as the delicate, feline state of mind and well-being. Contains natural, antifungal & antibacterial properties that gently cleanses hair follicles without stripping the skin of precious oils. Helps in soothing skin issues, regenerating healthy skin tissue and coat growth without the use of synthetic fragrances, colors, or dyes that can leave a chemical, residual film on the coat. Tearless and hypoallergenic. Safe and gentle for kittens as well. Has a very delicate, uplifting aroma of Lavender.

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