Zen Kitty Organic, Lavender Hydrosol Healing Spray 8oz.


Zen Kitty is the Puurrrrrfect, "all-in one" Holistic, Healing Spray for felines! The gentle, healing properties of the Lavender Hydrosols offer a multitude of Natural benefits for felines. From maintaining coat hydration & dander control, to ear cleaning and soothing skin compromises, along with relaxation and hairball control. Purfectly safe for use as often as desired, Zen Kitty is also wonerful for elderly dogs as the gentle, Lavender, Hydrosols accomodate the elderly pet in a gentle but effective manner. Human grade- contains only distilled & a catalyst altered water, infused with 100% Pure, therapeutic-class, Lavender Hydrosols. Pure & simple,,, THE WAY NATURE INTENDED!

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