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About Us

Susan Gregory is the founder and developer of Zen Dog Holistic Healing Formulas.  All of our products are made with 100% therapeutic quality essential oils.  Zen Dog was created for the love of dogs and essential oils.  Susan has been a professional groomer for more than 20 years and has been using essential oils personally just as long.  Not loving the commercial shampoos available she first started adding essential oils to these products, figuring out quickly the oils could not change the chemical properties of these shampoos, she decided to start from scratch.  Thus the beginning of Zen Dog Holistic Healing Formulas.  Having her own professional grooming salon she was able to test her products on thousands of dogs and tweak them until she was able to achieve the results she desired.  She is very proud of these products and is happy to share them with you.  These formulas are not only beneficial to the dog but  you the groomer/consumer reap the healthy benefits also.  Welcome to the world of Zen we are happy you stopped by.

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